Client comments

Zoom Testimonial – I was initially unsure of what to expect with an online mediation through Zoom. The experience far surpassed my expectations and in many ways was more effective than an in person meeting. It prevented the need for travel and allowed me to be at my desk to do other work during down time. The program itself was very user friendly and logical. It facilitated great private discussion with Jeff as the mediator, no different than being in person with him. Further, there are enhanced features that allow you to get Jeff’s attention if you need it, collaborate with other breakout rooms if side discussions are necessary, and to conference with your client in private, whether you are in the same room, or across the country from one another. I will be strongly recommending to clients that they consider this option in the future. The value to a Zoom mediation brings to the client, when compared to an in person mediation, is significant.

Dawn Phillips-Brown, Partner, Madorin Snyder, LLP

Zoom Testimonial – Dear Jeff, Thank you for hosting the mediation today using the Zoom app. It worked very well even though this was a complex multi-party mediation. I look forward to using it again. Not only did it allow me to stay at home during the virus outbreak, it saved me a lot of travel time. In addition, my client and I could both focus on other tasks while you were in caucus with the other parties, without disturbing one another.

Hans Engell, Klein & Schonblum
I just wanted to reiterate that I found you to be a great mediator. I knew a settlement was possible, but I found you were able to make the whole process run more smoothly than I had anticipated. As well, your suggestions and advice helped me a great deal at points in the mediation when I would have been either stumped or pressured into agreeing.
Thank you again!

Thanks Jeff. You did an excellent job with a very tough case. I didn’t think it was going to settle, despite your excellent effort. In the end, you managed to pull off the seemingly impossible.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to personally thank you for your time and professionalism yesterday. Absolutely first class all the way!! You managed to bring two sides together in what was an extremely complicated & stressful situation and you conducted yourself with dignity and respect throughout. It was a pleasure for me to get to know you and watch you “weave your magic”. Again, a heartfelt thank you and I will keep your contact info on file and certainly not hesitate to highly recommend your services to my friends, peers and colleagues in the future.

Thank you very much Jeff. This is a great result and you did a fantastic job.

Just wanted to let you know that you did a terrific job with our mediation.You are someone who has a great gift. More people need to work their issues out this way. Thanks for the great advice and resolving this ongoing stress.

I was very impressed with you today. You worked really hard, had a unique approach, was authoritative but still respectful to the parties. Excellent job.

Thank-you for your efforts yesterday and it was a pleasure meeting you! You did a great job with the mediation and I was impressed with your approach with the mediation. Would you be so kind to send me your resume or profile information so that I can add you to our list of mediators.

Jeff, masterful performance Monday. I think you pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

I want to extend my sincerest appreciation for all your efforts today. I must confess that it almost slipped away….I was out the door several times, but your determined efforts brought two very determined people to agree.

…skilled and valuable services you rendered in this matter. Your deftness was a marvel to behold.

Thank you for your efforts today. Although the conclusion is not what I had hoped for I felt that your professionalism and commitment to finding a resolution was all that could be hoped for. Please accept my sincere thanks.

Thanks again for the masterful mediation.

I can’t say enough to thank you for the gentleness and the willingness not only to resolve my dispute but also to accomodate my presence during the whole session of yesterdays mediation…you have showed me every civilised manner that one can be treated.

I have had the pleasure of using Jeff Morris on more than one occasion. He is most definitely a polished and professional mediator and my go to mediator. If he can’t get a matter resolved, nobody can.

Dear Jeff: Thank you for your good work yesterday. I too am very pleased that we were able to settle this action, as is my client. I would be pleased to use your mediation services again, and look forward to the next one!

Hello Jeff, It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Thank you again for your hard work. I appreciated the extra effort you put in…

Jeff, thank you for everything on Friday. Although the outcome was unfortunate the process left my clients feeling as if their side had at least been heard. We will be in touch if we need any more of your services…

Many thanks Jeff. I appreciate your considerable efforts to get this one settled!

… thank you for your assistance in our mediation yesterday. We could not have settled the matter without you. I will certainly keep you in mind in future mediations.

I wish to thank you for your diligent efforts today…thank you again for your help.

Dear Jeff, thanks again for a great mediation session last Wednesday. You are masterful at understanding both the personalities and the best creative resolution processes to bring warring parties together. Thanks!